Partners to the world's tech entrepreneurs

It is our mission to find and fund visionary tech entrepreneurs, enabling the ideas and the companies capable of shaping global modern life.

In it for long term.

We provide founders support and partnership throughout the journey from Seed to Growth, so that the true potential of their ideas is fully realised.

European heart. Global mind.

We care about Europe. We understand its regulations and politics, we speak the languages and appreciate its cultures. Yet we have a global mindset and like to build bridges between continents, through our deep relationships in many different ecosystems.

A focus on what we know.

We are passionate about the sectors we have chosen to invest in. Being selective ensures that when working with founders we are able to bring deep insight, expertise and a progressive, forward-looking perspective.

A platform to scale.

We know that being a founder is hard. Beyond funding, we offer the Lakestar Platform to give you access to the best advice on Go-To-Market, Product, Technology, Talent, Communications and Capital Markets.

We partner with pioneers.

Aleph Alpha

Shaping European research and development for the next generation of generalisable artificial intelligence

Blockchain is the world’s most popular way to buy, sell, and trade crypto is a human-assisted AI platform that enables anyone to build, run and scale tailor-made software


Space debris removal and satellite life extension.

Eigen Technologies

Eigen Technologies is a market-leading intelligent process automation solution

Isar Aerospace

Isar Aerospace is pioneering European low cost launch solutions for satellite constellations


OneFootball is the most popular football media platform for the new generation of football fans


Public makes the stock market social


Revolut is a revolutionary fully digital banking platform


Sennder is the leading European digital freight forwarder


Spotify is one of the largest global music streaming providers

Terra Quantum

Terra Quantum is a deep tech pioneer, developing revolutionary quantum applications to shape the technology of the future