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The Dutch Financing Gap

Having provided the foundations for the country’s economic strength today, there is a clear imperative to plug the current financing gap for growth companies

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Gunnar Holmsteinn | QUEST PORTAL

The easiest way to tell epic stories

Quest Portal is the social tabletop on a mission to create immersion and shared memories at the table.

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09 May 2023
2 min read

Forging a stronger future for European technology

Lakestar founder and chairman, Klaus Hommels, participated in the Global Milken Conference 2023

10 Apr 2023
2 min read

On the Forefront of European Digital Sovereignty: Aleph Alpha & Terra Quantum

Aleph Alpha and Terra Quantum were recently featured in a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung piece highlighting their pioneering efforts to advance the ground-breaking technologies of Artificial Intell...

21 Mar 2023
1 min read

Appointment of Klaus Hommels as Chair of the NATO Innovation Fund

We're proud to announce Lakestar Chairman and Founder Dr. Klaus Hommels will be chairing the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF).

26 Jan 2023
2 min read

Lakestar, Dealroom and Walden Catalyst Ventures publish European Deep Tech Report: 2023 Edition

Lakestar is thrilled to share that the 2023 edition of The European Deep Tech Report has been released. The report illustrates the ongoing expansion and stability of Deep Tech, despite recent marke...

16 Jan 2023
2 min read

Why the VC sector needs to get to grips with government decision making

European sovereignty will depend on governments and investors creating an ongoing dialogue on the direction of travel.

11 Jan 2023
10 min read

A new direction for Europe's growth ecosystem

A view on the strategy that revolutionized institutional investment and its potential for the European growth ecosystem and the finances of its retired population

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