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Lakestar AGM and entrepreneurs’ experiences

Unlike the somewhat uncertain and unsettling nature of 2020, something we were able keep constant this year was hosting our Annual General Meeting. Now, more than ever before, we see the importance of keeping everyone in the Lakestar community up to date with all the developments in our business and the broader ecosystem. We produced three films interviewing our fantastic founders on their experience of 2020, the changes it brought and what the future may hold.

Ninja Struye de Swielande, PARTNER, CCO & Head of IR

During our AGM we covered everything from new investments and further funding rounds to internal Lakestar updates. For example, we have refocused our internal team, and our senior investment colleagues are now dedicated to specific sectors. Most importantly for us, our AGM offers us the opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made since our founding in 2012.

This year, we have supported our companies to grow, helping them to identify opportunities to build stronger, resilient business models. Relationships are fundamental to who we are, and we have been delighted to introduce customers, partners and co-founders to one another to take their companies to the next stage.

But our support for our portfolio companies goes far beyond the financial. We have faced the pandemic with our investees as a team, navigating the uncertainty together, trusting and guiding them with personal support. Understanding the need for practical advice, we also brought in experts to host brainstorm sessions to discuss the different dimensions of the crisis and their potential impacts on our partners.

We will continue to stay in close contact and regular communication with all of our stakeholders to foster our belief in the value of long-lasting relationships and help nurture a strong future for our ecosystem.

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