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Pitch has raised $85m Series B funding, led by Lakestar

The dominance of traditional office suite software has been disrupted in recent years as challengers are beginning to offer superior alternatives. With the reimagining of the presentation workflow being long overdue, Pitch is fundamentally changing the way stories are told. By harnessing new data and media integrations, people are discovering how easy it is to create, collaborate and deliver beautiful presentations.


Pitch has raised an $85 million Series B funding led by Lakestar to build the first ever complete platform for presentations. In our latest founder series, Lakestar Partner Stephen Nundy talks to Founder Christian Reber about Pitch’s mission, the use cases of the collaboration software and its innovative qualities, the challenges and exciting innovations ahead, and why Pitch chose to partner with Lakestar. Learn more about Pitch:

Pitch is building the first complete platform for presentations and it will use this latest funding round to establish a publishing and content ecosystem, presentation analytics and secure file-sharing, as well as new ways to record and highlight presentations in any context. Part of the fresh capital will also go towards investing in a developer platform to release a Pitch API and an integration centre.

“It’s been interesting adopting a product such as Pitch during lockdown,” says Lakestar Partner Stephen Nundy, “We’ve used Pitch actually as a workshopping tool as much as an internal presentation tool. Live chat and live video has been very innovative. It was interesting to see the team using Pitch for the first time. The team was very excited navigating around a presentation during a workshop session. That has been a very pleasing learning from my perspective using your tool hands-on.”

“I’m driven by the idea of building a super successful European software company,” says Pitch Founder Christian Reber, “Our mission at Pitch is to enable teams’ best thinking and we do that by creating a truly powerful presentation tool.”

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