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Validio announced it has raised $15m in seed funding round led by Lakestar

The Stockholm-based data quality platform company eliminates bad data and enables organisations to be data-driven with confidence in real-time. It offers a data quality validation and monitoring platform that scales with modern cloud-first organisations as they become increasingly data-driven.

Today, our portfolio company Validio announced it has raised $15m in seed funding for their next generation data quality platform.

We’re proud to have led the round, with participation from J12 and a list of renowned angel investors including Denise Persson (CMO at Snowflake), Kevin Ryan (Co-founder of MongoDB), Emil Eifrem (Co-founder of Neo4j), Clarke Patterson (Head of Product at Snowflake), Mehdi Ghissassi (Head of Product at DeepMind), angel collective Framtid and renowned footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Congratulations Patrik Liu Tran, Urban Eriksson, and Oliver Molander for this momentous achievement!

The startup has been in stealth mode since being founded in 2019. It has been developing its platform, signing customers up for live deployments. Its clientele includes key players in the big data space, including marketing, commerce, security and business intelligence companies. It already counts Budbee and Babyshop in the e-commerce space; e-scooter company Voi; and electricity startup Tibber as key partners.

"As data teams are increasingly shifting their focus toward data quality, we believe that Validio is uniquely positioned to become the next big global software player from Europe.

Validio has built its platform with a unique architecture, enabling the management of data quality in data warehouses, lakes and streams both on the actual data and metadata in real-time. We look forward to supporting the stellar Validio team in their journey building a global data infrastructure leader."

Stephen Nundy, Lakestar Partner

"More data isn't necessarily the magical asset companies often think it is. Having good data trumps more data in most cases. Within five years, every company that collects data will need to have an end-to-end data quality solution in place if they want to use the data for business-critical decisions. Just as the cloud changed the way we work today, harnessing data through modern cloud-native infrastructure is becoming essential for companies of all sizes. That is why we are very proud to have Lakestar and a handful of esteemed angels join Validio’s ambitious mission and be part of our journey building the next generation data quality solution."

Patrik Liu Tran, Validio co-founder and CEO

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