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The future of patient communication

Our newest portfolio company accuRx provides a communication platform that brings patients and their healthcare teams together to help deliver more informed care. Watch co-founder Jacob Haddad in conversation with Lakestar Partner Oliver Heimes on the future of patient communication.


accuRx is one of the UK’s fastest growing healthtech startups. Their vision is that anyone involved in a patient's care can communicate with each other to deliver more informed care. In our latest founder’s talk, Lakestar partner Oliver Heimes speaks to Jacob Haddad about what accuRx is, how the company came about and the effects of the pandemic. They also discuss the great feedback accuRx is getting from users, why it chose Lakestar as an investor and its role in the future of healthcare.

An overhaul of communications in the healthcare industry is long overdue. Inefficient communication between nurses, doctors, general practitioners, to name a few, is tremendously detrimental to patients. With its product suite, accuRx has the potential to become a crucial backbone and infrastructure of healthcare markets globally.

Jacob Haddad says, “Healthcare is becoming more and more complex. It’s being delivered by more organizations, more specialties. Patients are becoming more and more empowered, taking a more active role in their care and the decision-making from it. Both those shifts at their core require really good communications.”

“As investors, we love when users and customers fall in love with the product and really appreciate it,” says Oliver Heimes. “We’re incredibly excited for the future and truly share Jacob’s vision of creating a new category in healthcare.”

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15 Feb 2022
5 min read