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The future of personalised health

We all have many devices that tell us how fit we are, or how well we sleep. But my generation has no clue as to what is happening inside our bodies: what is our glucose reading, our cholesterol level, liver values. This is data we really should know. That is what Aware is trying to build – giving you control over your body.

Florian meissner, co-founder and ceo, awareEnrico Mellis, Principal

"We are building the simplest, most affordable way to check your blood. You can be tested at one of our labs or at our partner doctors and you get your results within 24 hours straight to your phone.

This is particularly timely as it’s a torrid time for healthcare in Europe. None of us wants our American friends to have access to our health data. Instead, we need platforms deriving from Europe, with data privacy and values in mind. Nor do we need an American investor to tell us what to do. We need an investor with a conviction about Europe and who has the network to support us there.

We want to build a brand that people trust. We are doing that by taking the entire diagnostics market out of doctors’ waiting rooms and making it accessible and affordable.

That also gives us something else that I’m excited about – data. We should unleash this data and empower our clinicians and pharma companies to build the products and pathways towards a planet without chronic diseases. Our role is to try to support that, one healthcheck at a time.

When Lakestar approached us, we spent a lot of time together very quickly. Lakestar already had a thesis on the healthcare market, plus very successful outcomes in the US with Oscar Health and Cedar. It brought a wealth of experience of the healthcare sector."

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