Leading the golden era of European Space Tech

Lakestar believes much of Europe’s digital sovereignty will be decided in space. That’s why we are laser-focused on strengthening the European space tech ecosystem. The continent is ripe for innovation as it is home to some of the most developed scientific institutions and universities.

There is no doubt that the space economy is maturing in Europe and around the world.

In fact, in recent years, a constellation of visionary European Space Tech leaders has emerged which Lakestar is proud to support. This incredible group of companies including Isar Aerospace, constellr and ClearSpace, are making breakthroughs in space while solving critical issues on Earth.

Lakestar backed Isar Aerospace which is developing a launch service provider for small and medium-sized satellites that will offer Europe sustainable and cost-effective access to space.

We are also proud to partner with constellr, which provides space-based precise water stress monitoring for the agricultural sector to help secure food supply and enable more equitable and sustainable governance of global resources. constellr was awarded in June 2023 a multi-million, multi-year commercial data contract by the European Commission and European Space Agency (ESA), allowing it to service numerous institutional customers across Europe. This milestone integrates constellr into the Copernicus Programme - the world's largest satellite earth observation initiative.

Finally, our portfolio company ClearSpace is pioneering a new era of sustainable space exploration, building the technology to remove debris from Earth’s orbit.

“Anyone looking to invest in new space start-ups right now will be spoiled for choice”

We are passionate about shining a light on the potential of the sector and our portfolio’s outstanding innovation prowess. Hence, Lakestar Venture Partner & CPO, speaking at Financial Times’ Investing in Space event, expressed his views on the vibrancy of the space investment landscape, citing his belief that “anyone looking to invest in new space start-ups right now will be spoiled for choice.”

Steve also highlighted how despite a downturn in global investment last year, the commercial space sector is enjoying a new phase of innovation based on the maturing of first-generation disruptive technologies such as reusable launch vehicles and low-cost satellites.

We will continue to actively support our space portfolio, which has the potential to deliver incredible value to investors while strengthening Europe's technological sovereignty.

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