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Isar Aerospace secures largest funding round in the European space technology sector since 2021

Today, our space tech portfolio company, Isar Aerospace, announced a Series C extension to take its overall close to over EUR 220m, bringing total funding to more than EUR 400m. This funding round re-affirms Isar's position to become Europe’s leading launch service provider ensuring access to space from Europe.

And, in another first for Isar Aerospace, the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) has invested in what is the Fund's first direct investment in a satellite launch service provider - signalling a pivotal moment for European and global defence capabilities.

Lakestar has been proud to support and champion the European space tech industry, and we believe that much of Europe’s digital sovereignty will be decided in space. That’s why we are laser-focused on strengthening the European space tech ecosystem, which is home to some of the most developed scientific institutions and universities globally.

We have backed Isar Aerospace since leading their Series B in 2020, then the biggest funding round in European space tech, and it has now become the most capitalized independent New Space company in Europe. The company is currently developing a launch service provider for small and medium-sized satellites that will offer Europe sustainable and cost-effective access to space.

Lakestar is committed to backing transformative players in space tech, and we can't wait to see how the sector evolves in the near future as we approach a new age of European-led space technology.

For more information, please follow this link to Isar's press release

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