Setting the industry standard for ESG reporting

Following Lakestar Founder and Chairman Dr. Klaus Hommels appointment as Chair of Invest Europe earlier this year, we are incredibly excited to share that the association has produced a landmark publication on ESG reporting guidelines.

This unique guide has been created to help give direction to the private capital industry on how to navigate sustainability reporting. It offers advice for firms on how to develop ESG policy and integrate ESG throughout the investment cycle - among various other tools.

In addition to concrete reporting recommendations, it also covers the regulatory requirements that fund managers and investors need to comply with, as well as the obligations attached to voluntary reporting frameworks and standards.

Lakestar is proud to have played part in shaping this report. As society embraces the energy transition, this guide will serve to drive forward the ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions globally.

“By creating guidelines for ESG reporting, Invest Europe proudly provides transparency, clarity, and harmony to this space – benefiting European firms, their investors, and stakeholders more broadly”
Eric de Montgolfier, CEO Invest Europe

“Invest Europe’s ESG guidelines are designed to develop over time as the ESG landscape continues to evolve rapidly. They are exhaustive enough to be immediately useful to the industry while being sufficiently flexible to accommodate modifications that can ensure future-proof guidance.”

Delve into the ESG reporting guidelines for Europe here