We are thrilled to announce the latest edition of the State of Quantum Report

The report reveals quantum computing has shown remarkable resilience amidst global economic challenges. Governments are now the primary early purchasers of quantum technologies, recognising its strategic importance to ensuring technological sovereignty.

“To fully realise quantum's potential, we must take a strategic, full-stack approach - ensuring hardware, software, interfaces and talent develop in harmony. The chance remains to build the next era's leading multi-billion dollar quantum corporations.”
Stephen Nundy, Lakestar Partner & CTO

The State of Quantum Report 2024 draws insights from various influential stakeholders including HSBC, Dell Technologies, Citi, Moderna, as well as our portfolio companies Terra Quantum and QMware.

Thank you to OpenOcean, IQM Quantum Computers, and The Quantum Insider for the collaboration on this report.

Download the report

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