Lakestar joins the advisory board of the Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA)

We look forward to working together to build a dynamic startup landscape across Europe

Steven Jacobs, Venture Partner and CPO at Lakestar will join 25 other distinguished members deeply entrenched in the startup ecosystem. This Advisory Board will steer ESNA's Standards and guide the European Union's entrepreneurship agenda.

This news underscores Lakestar’s steadfast commitment to nurturing the European startup ecosystem as a critical pillar of technological sovereignty and economic growth for the continent.

Founded in 2021 during the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council, ESNA is a collaborative initiative dedicated to bolstering the competitiveness and sustainability of the European startup ecosystem. Supported by 26 EU Member States and Iceland, ESNA focuses on implementing the "EU Startup Nations Standards of Excellence," outlining eight best practices in startup-friendly policies.

The Alliance aims to position Europe as a global leader in innovation and tech entrepreneurship by continuously refining policy frameworks and sharing best practices – closing the gap with leading startup ecosystems worldwide, such as the US and Israel.

Read the announcement from ESNA here

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