London Stock Exchange launches UK Capital Markets Industry Taskforce

We’re excited to announce that the London Stock Exchange has launched a new UK Capital Markets Industry Taskforce. Our very own founder and Chairman Dr. Klaus Hommels is an inaugural member of the Taskforce, helping it to stimulate industry engagement to ensure the UK’s capital markets are truly serving its users.

Created and welcomed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Taskforce is made up of CEOs, Chairs and industry leaders representing private and publicly listed companies, asset owners and managers and the advisory services that support their access to capital and investments. It encompasses the full end-to-end ecosystem of public and private capital markets.

In line with Lakestar’s mission to foster the start-up scene across Europe, the Taskforce will seek to maximise the impact of capital market reforms. It will aim to ensure exceptional companies can start, grow, scale and stay in the UK, as well as guaranteeing investors have access to assets that provide returns and support the economy.

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