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ZEBEDEE has raised an $11.5 million Series A, led by Lakestar

In our latest founder series, Lakestar Principal Ben Cousens talks to founder Simon Cowell about the payment provider for virtual worlds, the benefits it offers to game developers and players, what the Series A funding will be used for and the company’s ultimate vision.

nullSimon cowell, Co-founder & CEO zebedee

The play-to-earn model is rapidly transforming the gaming industry. Yet microtransactions continue to be hindered by their minimum transaction size due to legacy payment systems. Leveraging the emerging digital economy and the rise of Bitcoin, the internet’s native currency, ZEBEDEE is unlocking tremendous untapped potential by offering game developers the means for a completely new method of monetisation in their games via nanotransactions and programmable payments triggered by game logic.

ZEBEDEE gives game developers the tools to add financial transactions to any in-game interaction through simple API calls. It also facilitates the sending of in-game currency across games, as well as into the real world. The funding will help ZEBEDEE scale, as well as accelerate development of its cutting-edge technology and onboard game developers to its end-to-end game payments platform.

“Instead of just investing your time in a game, you’re now getting some value out of that game because you now can have internet money flowing in the game. With all of that value flowing, you start to get potentially huge and interesting new ways that game developers can then monetise those games in a way they can’t currently do,” says ZEBEDEE founder, Simon Cowell.

Lakestar Principal, Ben Cousens says, “We’ve seen with existing MMOs like RuneScape and World of Warcraft that they have real in-game economies. But it’s all virtual currencies, so it’s very hard to attach a real dollar value to all that economic activity that is genuinely occurring in the game. Game developers haven’t been able to monetise that, so this is really additive to the industry. We believe virtual world economies will be larger than some real word economies.”

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30 Apr 2021
6 min read