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Building the backbone of Europe's hardware-agnostic Quantum cloud infrastructure

Our portfolio company QMware AG is building the backbone of Europe's hardware-agnostic Quantum cloud infrastructure. It’s incredibly exciting to see it announce its partnership with the SeQuenC funding programme backed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

For the first time, the German industry will be able to access the quantum cloud to develop cutting-edge business use cases. In collaboration with Fraunhofer FOKUS, the University of Stuttgart, and IONOS, QMWare is achieving great breakthroughs in the field of quantum computing for Europe's technological sovereignty.

The applications for quantum technologies range vastly. Medicine discovery, cryptography, and logistical challenges are all areas supercomputers today fail to address that quantum computers can. The cloud infrastructure allows us to simulate exactly how they work, demonstrating the tremendous benefits for industry and society at wide.

"Having an accessible cloud stack that both bridges the gap to quantum access for many using simulated virtual qbits, whilst also providing connectivity to the first true quantum machines as they come online, is key to helping organisations of all types explore this new compute paradigm successfully"
Stephen Nundy, Lakestar

Congratulations Markus Pflitsch, George Gesek and the entire team at QMWare for this thrilling news!

Read the full article in German here

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