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Isar Aerospace raises Europe’s largest SpaceTech funding round

Isar Aerospace raised $90m Series B to develop next generation rockets for sustainable access to space for small and medium satellites and satellite constellations. As the only privately-financed European space company, Isar Aerospace has developed its launch vehicles with a first commercial launches planned for early 2022.

Investment partner, Stephen Nundy, believes that “Isar Aerospace presents an opportunity for Europe to regain strong control of our own destiny when it comes to cost-effective and secure launch operations for satellite constellations. Daniel, Josef, and the entire team at Isar have demonstrated how using additive engineering techniques as well as owning the full software stack can increase the speed of iterative development and hence reduce the costs for operating these vehicles. Maintaining our “Technical Sovereignty” of key aspects of the space ecosystem is critical for our own security, and also to the rapid expansion of improvements to society this technology can bring.”

We are incredibly proud and excited to be part of this next chapter of growth and will support the successful journey closely with our founder Klaus Hommels joining the board at Isar Aerospace.

Congratulations to Daniel and Josef, and the entire team at Isar Aerospace!

Check out Isar Aerospace and read about the Series B in TechCruch and Handelblatt!

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