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Formula 1 engineer takes on robots

In our latest Founders' Conversation, Lakestar Partner Christoph Schuh and BotsAndUs co-founder and CEO Andrei Danescu take the opportunity to delve into the intelligence and robotics company BotsAndUs, describing the startup’s innovative robots and digital twin platform.

Andrei Danescu, CEO & Co-founder of BotsAndUsChristoph Schuh, Partner

Andrei discusses his background as a Formula 1 engineer and how it helps him drive BotsAndUs forward. He also highlights how the company’s real-time data intelligence platform for warehouses can help alleviate serious challenges being faced by the logistics industry.

The conversation also touches upon the partnership BotsAndUs has with one of the world’s largest integrated logistics company Maersk. Andrei outlines how easy it is to integrate BotsAndUs’ platform, detailing how working with Maersk has allowed the company to effectively develop and validate their product offering.

Finally, they talk about the synergy between Lakestar’s investment theses and BotsAndUs’ long-term vision.

Watch the full conversation: