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Scoutbee releases AI-powered Supplier Intelligence

With procurement under increased pressure due to global pandemics, ongoing wars, difficulties in the logistics and transportation sector, and the rise of the prosumer economy, procurement teams are digging deeper into their supply base.

Scoutbee’s new, centralised supplier intelligence solution is being announced today at the ISM World Conference (Florida, US) and the timing could not be better. The solution allows procurement teams to:

  1. gain deep insights into their supply base (e.g., social, environmental, and business ethics performance);
  2. compare existing suppliers based on supplier profiles that have been enriched by both Scoutbee and third-party data;
  3. use this information to build a more diverse, agile, and sustainable supplier portfolio that can withstand current and future demands.
"It’s time to realize that the future of procurement is data first"
Gregor Stühler, CEO and Co-founder, Scoutbee

“At Scoutbee, we’re redefining the future of procurement by empowering procurement leaders to drive market competitiveness by placing big (and smarter) data at the forefront of their sourcing strategies. It’s time to realize that the future of procurement is data first. Through data, we can tackle supplier diversity and sustainability and empower procurement teams to become more proactive, more resilient, and able to have more supplier options at hand when they need them the most,” says Gregor Stühler, Scoutbee CEO and co-founder.

Read the blog post on the launch here: https://scoutbee.com/scoutbee-...

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